Nourished Postpartum Challenge Day 4(cont.)



🔹The Friendship Shift 🔹

Whoa...a tough one. When I got pregnant, I was pretty much the first of my friends to have a baby. So when we announced, sure everyone was over the moon for me...but then came the falling off. Not because anything negative had happened, but because I was entering a different chapter than many of my friends.

🔹At first I took it personally. I used to tell Christian, “why have so few people called to check on me? Or to see if I want to hang out?” — I wasn’t dying, I was creating a baby. I’m still fun, I still want to go to the bar(i just can’t drink) I still want to go out to dinners or concert or hiking...I think at one point, I cried about it. It wasn’t until about 5-6 months in that I accepted we are just on a different journey of life and that is OK. I think I took it so personal at first because it’s only natural for me to be a caretaker and being a woman who loves pregnancy, birth & babies so much - it’s innate for me to check in on people. So...during pregnancy you “lose” friends & realize you have to start building a new community of friends/mama’s who are going through a similar experience.

🔹Then came birth...again...not that everyone isn’t so happy for you, but you are experiencing different phases of life. So...some more friends drop still have those close, close friends who will always be there no matter what. I am beyond thankful for those rock solid friendships. After baby is born, it takes time to want to be around people perhaps some friends felt I didn’t want to see them, but obviously never the case. I’m very forward, I would tell you. It’s just a huge adjustment in the beginning and you need time.

🔹I kind of “mourned” my friendships fading out in a sense. It signified the end of one chapter and beginning of a new. I accepted the changes. I still love all of the people I don’t often see...but with this new chapter came a new community. New friendships. A new life in a sense. Different things. Hey, I find going to the park fun. My 30's single friends with no kids, probably do NOT😂🤷🏻‍♀️

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