Nourished Postpartum Challenge Day 5


Nourished Postpartum Challenge ———————————————————

🔹I’m going to speak from a Postpartum Doula perspective because that’s where I have dealt with Postpartum Mental Health.

🔹No one is off limits when it comes to Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders(PMADS).

🔹The illness is poorly defined even today.

🔹It is one of the least openly talked about topics surrounding Postpartum because mothers feel shame & guilt surrounding these feelings. Doctors don’t know what to look for, they don’t ASK mothers how they are & often times don’t know how to properly diagnose or where to send Mother’s for treatment.

🔹The need for universal mental health screenings pre/post birth is deeply underrated & should be routine practice regarding maternal/paternal care, as well as in surrogate/adoptive parents.

🔹According to the CDC 1 in 10 women experience Postpartum Depression. In some states as high as 1 in 5.

🔹Postpartum depression is among the most common disorders after birth. There is also Postpartum Anxiety & Psychosis to name a few.

🔹“Postpartum depression has biological roots, but it is also characterized by psychosocial risk factors. “It’s an enormous transition from being a free person to being a person with a child,” Osborne said. “The biggest risk factor for developing postpartum depression is depression during pregnancy, but other risk factors are poor social support, high rates of trauma or adverse life events, and lack of sleep.” - - Lauren M. Osborne, MD, assistant director of the Johns Hopkins Women’s Mood Disorders Center and assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum.

🔹We MUST do better for mothers. We need open dialogue surrounding PMADS. Better support options. Doctors who ASK mothers and know what to look for. Better treatment. Less stigma around the issue and more acceptance to say, “hey, you aren’t alone & it’s okay to seek help.”

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