Setting New Years Intentions


I cannot believe we are in the final days of 2018. On a personal level, this has been the most beautiful, challenging & transformative year of my life...from pregnancy to motherhood to finding the balance as a woman • wife • mother • stepparent • friend etc...I am a continuously evolving + I believe we should work on personal growth(in whatever capacity we can) our whole lives. If we aren’t changing + making a positive change within ourselves and the world, what are we even doing. This picture gives me so many powerful emotions looking back on this year & reminds me just how strong I am, what I created and how far I’ve come. I don’t typically set NY resolutions because I try to constantly evolve - but this year I am setting my intentions/resolutions/goals and intend on making them happen. Here are a few for 2019 • Rid our household of ALL toxic products. From cleaning, to skincare, to shampoos, perfumes. 100% natural household(getting there) •Support local as much as I possibly can & as little support for large corporations. •Exercise + Meditate daily •Force myself out of my comfort zone(in all ways) •Learn French •Be a better friend + make more time for friendships ——————————————— Ok...I’ll stop there! What are your resolutions & goals...what are you excited/scared about for 2019?

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