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A Postpartum Doula will help you feel informed and supported during this transition as new parent’s. 

  • Provides evidence based information to new parent(s)

  • Provides emotional support and guidance

  • Helps parent(s) adjust to their new normal

  • Breast/chest feeding, bottle feeding and pumping support

  • Offers physical support during recovery after childbirth

  • Helps with newborn care, educating parents with swaddling, diaper changing and bathing

  • Snack and meal preparation

  • Light housekeeping

  • Allows birthing person to rest, shower and nurture themselves

  • Helps and encourages eating properly + drinking plenty of fluids

  • Listens, helps process any emotions from birth story and transition as new parent(s)

  • Helps educate + guide parent(s) with bonding, nurturing and soothing techniques

  • Supports partner through their journey during this new change.

  • Provides Resources as needed

  • Daytime - minimum of 4 hrs per day

  • Nighttime - minimum 8 hrs per night 

  • Guaranteed backup doula

  • Create schedule that best fits new family

  • Signed contract between Doula and parents

  • 50% retainer fee is due at time of contract

Disclaimer:  Birth and Postpartum Doula's are non-medical services and all questions or concerns regarding medical advice, should be discussed with your OB-GYN or Doctor.

Postpartum Preparation

Postpartum Prep is a 4 hour course taught over 2 sessions according to the clients needs. Sessions are offered in the comfort of my home or the clients, with the birthing person and partner of choice. Created to help you gain confidence and a better understanding of what to expect for a smooth Postpartum transition. You will be provided with evidence based information, and emotional support to help guide + empower you after baby has arrived. 


During this time we will : 


  • ​How to prepare for life after baby

  • Healing + what to expect

  • Product Recommendations 

  • Newborn Care Basics

  • Breastfeeding + Bottle feeding + Pumping

  • Discuss thoughts and any other concerns you may have

  • On going support via email throughout the course


Postpartum Prep is available via FaceTime or Skype for families outside of the Los Angeles area.

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